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22 November 2017

Translations Manager - Fix

A fix for an issue "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class lessc"

This can be accessed in the downloads section of our site!

22 November 2017

New Version of Support Portal!

Version includes:


  • New emails in the extra emails plugin (Status changed on ticket with batch or dropdown, and Handler CC'd to ticket using add button)
  • Fix IE11 Issues with dual combo custom field plugin
  • Fix several issues with custom field plugins in testimonials
  • KB Rating system was broken


  • Fix rating php warnings on unreg tickets
  • Fix unregistered ticket users not always being able to perform certain ticket actions
22 November 2017

Support Portal Fix

This latest version fixes an issue with unregistered users not being able to reply to tickets with certain setups!


22 November 2017

Translations Manager - Joomla 3.4 Fix

Fixes an issue with Joomla 3.4, this can now be accessed in our download section!
22 November 2017

Support Portal Fixes

The new version of Support includes the following fixes:

  • Fix unassigned ticket issue
  • Fix emails not being properly assigned
  • Fix ticket notifications not being triggering properly
  • Fix users being able to view tickets that arent theirs
  • Fix KB accordion styles
22 November 2017

Support Portal - New Features & Fixes!

This version includes:

  • Improved map custom field plugin
  • Fixes to profile custom field plugin relating to reports and blank lines
  • Fixes to login system with Joomla 3.4.8
  • Create User in Tools menu on unregistered ticket
  • Some bug fixes
22 November 2017

Translation Manger - New Version

This new version includes:

  • Moved to Yandex as translation backend. Unfortunately, an API key must be entered for this in the Options page.
  • Fix API key issues from previous beta
22 November 2017

Support Portal Version

Two new features are added in the latest version of Support Portal!

  • New Module CSS override setting
  • New Dual Combo custom field plugin
22 November 2017

Translations Manager - Update!

Version includes:

  • Shortcut keys: ctrl + S => save translation, ctrl + P => publish, ctrl+ shift + s => save & close, ctrl + shift + p => save, publish & close
  • Fix tab order when translating
  • Fix auto scroll when tabbing not showing full field sometimes
22 November 2017

Translations Manager - New Version!

The latest version of Translations Manager includes some important additions and fixes which include:


  • Fix publish package bug


  • Large performance increases when editing large files
  • Added "Save & Publish" and "Save, Publish and Close" buttons
  • Option to save filename within a package so the package download will use your custom filename each time
  • Download link for each ini file
  • Notify user when missing language code mapping
  • Added publish to file option
  • Can now specify update url in the package
  • Better error messages when publishing multiple files at once
  • Fix ] in header sometimes
  • Fix encoding issue with some texts being auto translated
  • Several small fixes


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