Testimonials - Translations Manager

WOW, just an absolute solution to an never-ending problem I have had for a few years. Translation Manager is the only component that actually performs what ALL admin components should provide. Simplifying the Job of the Administration. All other components I have used in the past would take me several weeks time to translate my files. I completed all my files in less than 1 hour using Translation Manager. Translation Manager features many new and essentials capabilities that literally subtracts hours of work and multiple routine tasks. This product is my #1 must have extension for any site. Not only is it worth the money its sold for...it would still be worth the price at $50. Well done FreeStyle team. Your willingness to listen and your hands on approach is far and above a new standard that all Joomla Developers should adhere to. Your team is the new standard of development, readying to establish newer challenges for everyone else. Voice4Vision @ , 07:00

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